Molenmaker Techniek BV
Wagenmakersstraat 14
8601 VA Sneek
tel: 0515 43 42 26
fax: 0515 43 97 17
mob: 06-13820661

Naam :Cylinders
Omschrijving :


We produce, test and where necessary we install our own cylinders. With our machines we are able to make cylinders with a bore of Ø 1200 [mm] and a stroke of 12000 [mm]. We are specialists in the field of:


- Single-acting cylinders

- Double-acting cylinders

- Damping cylinders

- Multi-chamber cylinders

- Hollow rod cylinders
    (the connections for the oil are at the end of the piston rod, this is often
    desirable when the rest of the cylinder is concealed and there is no space for pipes or hoses).

- Telescopic cylinders



We have a website where we have standardized cylinders from [16/32 mm] to

[220/320 mm], [Rod / Bore] dimensions. Website













Multi-chamber cylinder



Hollow rod cylinders








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