Molenmaker Techniek BV
Wagenmakersstraat 14
8601 VA Sneek
tel: 0515 43 42 26
fax: 0515 43 97 17
mob: 06-13820661

Naam :Hydraulic systems
Omschrijving :


We engineer, produce and install our own hydraulic systems from day 1 of our existence. Because of the short lines between the departments within our organization, we can deal quickly and effectively with complications and changes, which is why we are thrilled to take the most complex projects, and see every obstacle as a challenge.


We can shape our hydraulic systems as desired by the customer, so the systems can be used for small spaces to extreme sea climates (such as the yellow units below). These are so-called power packs that can be used for various purposes within the offshore, for which we provide the appropriate controls. The hydraulic systems and equipment are assembled in our own workshop in Sneek and then extensively tested, if necessary with the help of our own testmachine.








In addition to our widely designed and supplied open hydraulic systems, mostly for bridges / locks and offshore, we are also specialists in the field of hydromotors. (In the images below, these are applied to winches).


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